The Doklam Standoff Isn’t Really Over Yet

Indian and Chinese troops are yet to complete their disengagement in the Doklam area, according to a new story by Sushant Singh of The Indian Express. Citing ‘multiple’ anonymous sources, Singh reports that ‘both sets of soldiers, along with their tents and road construction equipment, moved away from the faceoff site on Dolam plateau but... Continue Reading →

The Doklam De-escalation

India and China have agreed to end their 10-week-long standoff in Doklam, but the contours of the deal remain unclear. An MEA statement on Monday evening said that ‘expeditious disengagement of border personnel of India and China at the face-off site at Doklam was ongoing. This process has since been almost completed under verification.’ Neither... Continue Reading →

India-China Tensions Rise in Ladakh

While Indian and Chinese troops exchanged blows earlier this month in Ladakh, their governments could soon be trading barbs over the LAC in that region. On Thursday, China’s foreign ministry attacked India for building a road between two points, Hot Spring and Marsimik Lo, not far  from the chilly waters of Pangong Tso, where Indian... Continue Reading →

China Just Might Choose to Fight India

Are India’s elites complacent about the prospects of a border war with China? Former diplomat and current Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor sees a dangerous nonchalance among decisionmakers and the commentariat. In a new column in ThePrint, he lays out the reasons he believes Xi Jinping’s China could choose to go to war with India.... Continue Reading →

The India-China Faceoff Escalates

Indian and Chinese troops engaged in a violent scuffle on Tuesday morning. The encounter occurred on a section of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that separates the two countries. A few troops reportedly suffered minor injuries. However, Tuesday’s encounter did not take place in the Doklam area where Indian and Chinese troops are currently... Continue Reading →

Doklam: An Update on the Ground Situation

Chinese officers did not attend Indian Independence Day celebrations at the Nathu La border on Tuesday according to a new story from PTI. However, soldiers of the Indian Army and ITBP reportedly exchanged sweets informally with their Chinese counterparts in the same area, which is only 25 kilometres from the standoff in Doklam. Tuesday’s developments... Continue Reading →

Doklam Diplomatic Push in ‘Logjam’

Indian diplomatic efforts to defuse the Doklam standoff with China appear to have failed. On Tuesday, a top Chinese diplomat dismissed the Indian offer of a mutual withdrawal of troops. ‘Even if there is only one Indian soldier, even for a day it is still a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity,’ said Wang... Continue Reading →

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