A Win for Pakistan’s Deep State

The ouster of Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif could result in the army playing a more overt role in the country’s politics. Nawaz Sharif, 67, resigned on Friday after Pakistan’s Supreme Court disqualified him from office. Friday’s verdict followed a lengthy investigation into the Sharif family’s overseas assets. A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court... Continue Reading →

Trump is Flailing Against Iran

Donald Trump had one job. On Monday, he was supposed to tell his congress whether Iran was complying with its obligations under the nuclear deal. This was a routine procedure, one repeated every three months, ever since the deal was struck in 2015. By all accounts, Iran was fulfilling its commitments: Trump’s own advisors told... Continue Reading →

Twenty Years After the East Asian Meltdown

Many years from now, when revisionist historians look back at the 1990s and try to puncture its exuberant aura, they’ll first hone in on the event we have come to know as the Asian Financial Crisis. Understandably so. Twenty years ago this July, what began as a currency crisis spread across the region and beyond.... Continue Reading →

Spying on North Korea from Space

The world is belatedly discovering North Korea is a serious problem. Ever since the Hermit Kingdom’s ICBM test on July 4 there seems to be a flurry of commentary on the subject. Lay observers can be forgiven for joining this party late. For years North Korea has been treated like a geopolitical sideshow, the butt... Continue Reading →

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